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French Units – Comprehensible Input

The French Units can be used to teach grammar and vocabulary through the comprehensible input method.

Each French unit includes an entire set of lesson plans and activities to teach basic topical vocabulary, structures, and grammar.  Each unit includes daily plans, a PowerPoint presentation, student handouts, and daily activities.  At the end of each unit, students will be able to read and retell the unit story, a story based on the structures and vocabulary taught in the unit.  Unit assessment for all modes is included – presentational speaking, presentational writing, interpretational reading, interpretational listening, interpersonal communication.

What customers have said about the Frenchified comprehensible input French units:

‘This resource is quite the gem. It has everything you need. I love the amount of prepared comprehensible input we have! My district textbook claims to be CI based, but there isn’t nearly enough input provided. As a busy teacher, I needed something with input and output tasks ready to go and this has it all! Thank you so much! I look forward to using the other units!”

“Another fantastic resource that proved to be versatile and well worth the money. It was so easy to pick and choose activities to include during distance learning. I love the consistency with your units and how well laid out and organized they are. ”

“This was my first French 1 unit purchase from the Frenchified store and I am in love with it!! This gave me all the tools I needed to teach the school chapter from my textbook (Bien Dit) in a way that focused much more on CI (speaking, listening, writing and reading the language) instead of just grammar drills and worksheets. My students are speaking and understanding so much more!! I will say that it took a little bit to make the resources my own to fit my classroom, but that is probably a best practice for any resource you get from TPT. I look forward to using your units from now on!!!”