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French Video Activities – to accompany Extra and Alice in Paris

Frenchified has French video activities to accompany some of the most popular educational French video series used to teach French. If you are using the show Extra in French or Alice in Paris to teach your French classes, these activities may be useful to you.

We have French video activities to accompany the series Extra – comprehension worksheets that go over the events in each episode as well as vocabulary games and worksheets. One teacher said “I used this resource with my grade 11 and 12 core french split class. We absolutely loved watching the show and your resources were incredible! You saved me soooo much time and my students and I had so much fun! Thank you!”

If you’d like to play a game, check out the “Unfair game” – it’s a fun way to review each episode of the video. Here’s what one teacher said about the games: “This is a great resource for this video series and an awesome way to incorporate games into the curriculum. Students love playing!”

We also have activities to accompany the short-form video series Alice in Paris.  Each episode is only about 2 minutes long, but you can extend it into an entire lesson with our accompanying lesson plans.  Each lesson plan includes a set of two plot synopses (one in the present tense and one in the past tense), comprehension questions and vocabulary activities. One satisfied teacher says “This has been such a wonderful addition to our classes! My students have especially enjoyed looking at the websites of the places in the videos. The resources have provided a very nice structure for using these videos and I’m enjoying them immensely myself! The seller is very responsive to inquiries and is very helpful. Merci!”