Intermediate French Comprehensible Input unit 8 for level 2: les Problèmes


This comprehensible input unit 8 for level 2 French teaches the conditional tense in the context of talking about local and world problems and how to solve them.

At last!  After 18 months, the Comprehensible input unit 8 for level 2 French is available!

Are you wanting to use French comprehensible input in your classes, but:

  • You are required to use a district textbook?
  • You need a little bit of structure as you get your feet wet with comprehensible input?
  • You are required to give a district final, but want to use CI to teach your classes?


If so, this comprehensible input unit 8 for French level 2 is for you!


This unit is the perfect complement to a district curriculum or textbook – it covers some of the typical vocabulary and grammar taught in French 2, but with a more communicative approach.  Work through the unit with circling and repetition and at the end of each unit, your students will be amazed at how much they can do with the language!


A complete unit that can be used to begin the second year of French. It builds on the vocabulary from the first year units 1-8 and second year units 1-8. Includes lesson plans for 13 days, talking about the conditional tense, a review of the imparfait and vocabulary to talk about local and world problems.


This Comprehensible input unit 8 includes the following materials:


• Lesson plan guide for each day

• PowerPoint with lesson for each day

• Student dictionary handout page

• Word wall posters for vocabulary

• Links to vocabulary set on Gimkit, Quizlet and Blooket

• Handouts to practice writing and reading about how to solve problems

• Grab it! game for problems facing the world

• Handout for students to practice speaking about what they would do

• Handout for students to write about how they would solve problems

• Activities to practice forming the conditionaltense

• Unit story using structures from this unit

• Cloze activities to accompany story – one with and one without word bank

• Running dictation game to accompany unit story

• Handout for unit story retell/rewrite

• Animated video of unit story

• Unfair game in English for the unit story

• Unfair game in French for the unit story

• Short assessments for unit: reading, listening, presentational speaking, interpersonal communication and presentational writing

• NEW! Digital/distance version of student activities



Use the unit on its own or as a follow-up to the level 1 units 1-8 and level 2 units 1-7.

Units 1-8 are available for level 1 and level 2.  Each unit builds on the previous units’ vocabulary. A list of the vocabulary for each unit is available here:


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Comprehensible input unit 8
Intermediate French Comprehensible Input unit 8 for level 2: les Problèmes