Are you required to use a district-supplied textbook or curriculum?

Do you need a little structure as you get your feet wet with comprehensible input?

Do you have to give a district final, but you want to use CI to teach your classes?

If so, these French CI units are for you!

What’s included?

Each of the French CI units includes the typical vocabulary and grammar that is taught in French 1 courses – but with a more communicative approach!  Work through each unit with circling and repetition and you will be amazed at what your students can do with the language.  

Currently level one units 1-8 and level two units 1-6 are available.  To see what grammar and vocabulary is included in each unit, please click the button to learn more about the .

See the scope and sequence
French CI Units - 6 Quality units for the CI classroom

What’s in each unit?

Daily lesson plans

Daily PowerPoint lesson

Bell work for each day

Handouts to practice grammar and vocabulary

A short story to complete each unit

Activities to accompany the short story – retell, Cloze, comprehension questions, running dictation game

An mp4 animated video of the unit story

Short assessments for the unit: reading, listening, writing and speaking

Answer key

Level 1 Units

Level 2 Units


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French Units - Comprehensible Input

Level 2 French Comprehensible Input Units 1-7 bundle

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