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Do you want to teach English without the hassle of preparing lengthy lesson plans? Look no further! Our ELL lesson plans are designed with simpleness in mind. We believe that learning any language should be both enjoyable and efficient.
Each ELL lesson plan consists of a fun, engaging short story complete with targeted vocabulary and language structure. After reading and discussing the narrative, students can do comprehension activities and story retells.  Furthermore, we offer video versions of each short story – one with text and one without. This helps facilitate oral practice as well as comprehension among learners who need extra help understanding different language structures.
These ready-to-use ELL lesson plans are aimed at making your life as a teacher easier, plus they’re low prep! With our unique product, you can rest assured knowing that it will help introduce various concepts about English in an entertaining yet comprehensible input way – no hassle required! Get started today by giving your students the best way to become fluent in English: the ELL Lesson Plan!
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