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Movie Talk

Do you want to engage your French students and get them talking about the language outside of simple verbal prompts? Try French movie talk! A great complement to any classroom setting, French movie talk provides an exciting way to get students involved. Each activity includes a script and link to a video, allowing the student to learn how the French language is used in context. Through these engaging materials, they will discover how words are used in conversation and understand subtle nuances between different cultural expressions.
This engaging new resource provides so many opportunities for learning. Have your students talk through the video as they watch, reading each line of script along with it. This encourages natural listening comprehension as well as active discussion about the topic discussed – perfect for building vocabulary and communication skills. As an added bonus, modern text construction techniques and creative content specifically designed for optimum comprehension means enhanced integration into any curriculum.  Get ready for some fun interaction, inspiring dialogue and rigorous pronunciation exercises in French – download your copy of French movie talk today!
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