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Italian Comprehensible Input

Do you want to teach Italian the fun way? We offer Italian comprehensible input lesson plans that will help you do just that. Our lesson plans includes a short story with targeted vocabulary and structure to make your class interesting and engaging. And best of all, these lessons are low-prep, so you can get teaching in no time!
After reading and discussing the short story, students will be able to do the included comprehension activities and story retell. What’s more, we even provide two versions of the story: one with text and one without text. This way students can practice their oral retelling skills by watching the version with text and reading aloud while following along, then progress to watching the version without text and seeing how much they can remember from memory!
So if you’ve been looking for a way to make teaching Italian easier and more fun, our comprehensible input lessons are just what you need. Get started today and turn your classes into engaging learning experiences for your students!
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