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Cultural activities and units

This is your chance to learn something new and exciting! Introducing our French cultural activities and units focused on the vibrant culture of France and other francophone countries. These activities will help you understand what life is like in the Francophone world.
These activities are designed for individuals of all ages and levels, from elementary school-aged children to adults looking for a deep understanding of cultural norms. Whether you want to use them in a classroom setting or at home, these activities are sure to be engaging and entertaining.
Our cultural units offer comprehensive coverage of topics like language, art, food, fashion, customs, history, beliefs and music from around the Francophone world. Each activity includes detailed instructions that make it easy to create an eye-catching project. Plus, they don’t require prior knowledge so even those with little French experience can dive right in!
Our French cultural activities will help you discover more about France and its neighbors while having fun at the same time. So go ahead – get creative today with our amazing cultural units!
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