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Spanish Comprehensible Input

Are you looking for a fun and effective way to teach your Spanish class? Look no further than Spanish comprehensible input lesson plans! We know teaching Spanish can be stressful, so we’ve put together comprehensive lessons that provide an easy-to-follow approach, giving your students the information needed to set them up for success.
Our lessons are designed with short stories tailored to specific vocabulary and grammar structures. By working through the stories, your students will get to practice their understanding and knowledge in a relaxed and enjoyable way. Each story comes with activities that your students can use to retell or answer comprehension questions as if they were leading the story themselves!
To make it even easier, all of our short stories come with two version of a video — one with text, one without – which are perfect for introducing the stories or checking for understanding afterwards! With Spanish comprehensible input lesson plans, you can rest assured that you’re teaching in a way that will engage and empower your students without feeling overwhelmed by towering piles of paperwork.

Each very simple story is told in two different ways. There is a printable text version, and an animated mp4 version. Tell the story as you watch it (pause if you want to stop and discuss or storyask!), or just watch it for comprehension. Each video is around 5 minutes long, with pause time for students to read the text. There is a second version of the video with only the illustrations – no text – so you can watch it and do story retells. With novice low and novice mid learners, you can tell the story as is. For novice high learners, you can add more details or write a parallel story. You could even use this story at higher levels by having students retell the story in the past.