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Summer reading – 5 great books to do with France

I’ve shared some of my reading recommendations in previous posts – but summer is here [...]

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Manie Musicale 2024 – 16 great French songs = fun!

Manie Musicale offers an engaging way to immerse students in French culture and language, inspired [...]

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Using ChatGPT for inspiration – again

A while back, I wrote about using AI to generate graphics for your class stories. [...]

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Using music in French class – exciting Manie Musicale and Eurovision contests are coming soon!

Do you use music in French class on a regular basis? This is one thing [...]

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Digital escape rooms with Boom cards

I’ve made many digital escape room games for a variety of subjects – history, French, [...]

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Paris at last – the amazing end to our 5-week trip

We headed to Paris on July 13 and were happy to arrive at a decent [...]

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Part 3 – trip to France podcast trip report

And now for part 3 of this France trip report – our last 3 places [...]

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Part 2 France trip report: I’m a guest on Join Us in France!

Our France trip starts – Bordeaux Our France trip started in the city of Bordeaux. [...]

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Part 1 podcast report: I’m a guest on Join Us in France!

I’m a huge fan of podcasts, whether they are about France or something else. If [...]

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Cheerful French Christmas lesson plans

This time of year is so busy at schools, with many teachers looking for French [...]

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Student failure – how (and when) to deal with it

Every quarter I have to deal with student failures and while it’s never easy to [...]

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5 things I’m thankful for (and 3 things I’m not)

It’s the time of year when people in America think about what they are thankful [...]

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