Notre Dame French reading activity


Notre Dame de Paris is a symbol of Paris with a rich history – it just celebrated 850 years of service. But the history wasn’t always pleasant. This article tells the story of this beautiful church, written in simplified French for beginning and intermediate students.


Learning a new language can be daunting. Let us take the stress out of learning French with our Notre Dame French Reading Activity. This two-page reading is ideal for those in their first or second semester of French. With vocabulary and grammar that is easy enough to understand, even the novice-high learner will find success with this activity and teacher support. Also included are nine questions to test comprehension, accompanied by an answer key, so you can assess your understanding of what you’ve read. We also provide related resources to further your understanding and lead you on your journey to mastering French. Make it easier on yourself and use our Notre Dame French Reading Activity as part of your learning process today!


This Notre Dame French reading includes:

  • Reading in French with glossary of less-common vocabulary
  • comprehension questions
  • answer key
  • links to related resources

Notre Dame French Reading
Notre Dame French reading activity