Notre Dame French Comprehensible Input Lesson


Comprehensible input is important in a world languages class – but you can’t always do stories. This is a lesson that uses target structures in a comprehensible way to teach about a non-fiction topic – French high schools and the names of various classes students might take. The text is appropriate for 2nd semester French and later.

Are you looking for a unique way to teach your students about the history and culture of Notre Dame in Paris? Look no further! Our Notre Dame French Comprehensible Input Lesson provides teachers with all the resources they need to help their students understand the iconic cathedral. This activity is perfect for second semester and higher French classes, or any student looking to expand their knowledge in a creative way.
Our lesson uses comprehensible input techniques built around key target structures and loaded with real-world visual content. With this item, you’ll get a 25-slide PowerPoint complete with repetition of essential vocabulary words as well as text versions and comprehension questions. The lesson also includes a grammar explanation, written and oral story retell sheets featuring photos from inside and outside the cathedral, associated videos, plus an answer key so you’ll have all you need for success in your class.
Don’t let the complex beauty of the Notre Dame cathedral be lost on your students – give them an engaging learning experience that will open up conversations about its significance both past and present – with our Notre Dame French Comprehensible Input Lesson!


The target structures are:

  • n’est pas
  • le/la plus
  • une cloche


This item includes:

  • A 25-slide PowerPoint with repetition of the target vocabulary
  • a text version of the PowerPoint
  • comprehension questions
  • a grammar explanation and exercises for the superlative
  • a story retell sheet with photos – one for writing, one for oral retell
  • a list of associated videos
  • a complete answer key


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Notre Dame French Comprehensible Input Lesson