French Food Comprehensible Input Lesson


Beginners need comprehensible input, but it can get old always trying to come up with interesting and fun stories. Why not do some non-fiction CI instead?

This item is meant for beginning French students – with support, as early as the first semester! It includes a powerpoint with a simple narrative about French food and LOTS of repetition.

 This is a French Food Comprehensible Input Lessonthat uses target structures in a comprehensible way to teach about a nonfiction topic – French food. The text is simple enough for first semester French.



The target structures are:

  • On mange – one eats, people eat
  • Se prépare – is prepared
  • Est délicieux/délicieuse – is delicious
  • Le dîner, le petit déjeuner, le déjeuner – dinner, breakfast, lunch



This French Food Comprehensible input lesson includes:

  • A 37-slide PowerPoint with repetition of the target vocabulary
  • a text version of the PowerPoint
  • comprehension questions
  • a grammar explanation and exercises for the pronoun “on”
  • a story retell sheet with photos – one for writing, one for oral retell
  • a list of associated videos
  • a complete answer key




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French Food Comprehensible Input Lesson
French Food Comprehensible Input Lesson
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