Ordering food online in French – free activity


A fun activity to add to a unit of foods and going out. Visit online restaurants in France to learn the vocabulary necessary to navigate online ordering and delivery. Students will choose a restaurant, read the menu, and decide what to order.

Let’s take your students’ lesson on foods and going out to the next level with Ordering Food Online in French! This fun, free activity is perfect for helping students get comfortable using their French language skills in an online context. Dive into a world of culinary exploration and pick up necessary online ordering and delivery vocabulary as students visit online restaurants in France. They’ll be able to practice reading menus, learn about food choices from a variety of countries and cultures, and decide what type of dish they’d like to order – all from the comfort of their own computers.
This activity makes learning French engaging, educational, and flavorful. This activity allows students to gain new words while brushing up on previously acquired terms. Allowing them to dip their toes into the world of e-commerce with a little help from you!
Ordering Food Online in French is here to make language learning practical, useful and enjoyable. So why miss out? Check it out today – it’s free!

Ordering food online in French
Ordering food online in French – free activity