French movie talk freebie – Bear With Me

French movie talk freebie

Are you looking for a fun French movie talk to start the new year? Look no further, this French Movie talk freebie will get you started! It’s the story of a couple of bears who love each other very much, but their schedules don’t quite mesh. It’s a cute story and a great way to discuss vocabulary for the holidays, how you celebrate the holidays, dates, and more! It’s a very low-prep activity with a variety of options for individual and class work. Download the freebie here – Bear With Me.

Vocabulary for the French movie talk freebie

The targeted vocabulary is a nice mixture of nouns and verbs – including a couple of reflexive verbs in both the affirmative and negative forms. The target vocabulary is:

Un ours/une ourse – a bear
Il dort – he sleeps, he is sleeping
il s’endort – he falls asleep
fêter – to celebrate
Ne se reveille pas – doesn’t wake up

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French movie talk freebie - Bear With Me