Alice in Paris Activities – Season 2

Alice in Paris activities season 2

If you’ve tried and enjoyed the activities for season 1 of Alice in Paris, you’ll be happy to know that the Alice In Paris Activities for season 2 are now available! I love using this show in my classes because it has so many different possibilities. It’s full of cultural information and just talking about the stories behind the episode can give you lots of material to work with.

Since each episode is short, you can use it as a filler when you have just a few minutes left at the end of class. You can use them as a prompt for a longer discussion, with many comparisons between the target culture and your own. But if you’d like to get the most out of each episode, you might be interested in the Alice in Paris activities available at Frenchified.

What is new in the Alice in Paris Activities for season 2?

The season 2 episodes are a little bit longer than season 1 – each is about 2 1/2 minutes long. While each episode still focuses on some sort of food or drink, they are less driven by visiting specific places. Alice goes skiing, makes an apricot tart, falls in love, and realizes what the real secret of happiness is throughout the season. Many of the episodes do have a specific recipe or company that is visited, which you can use as a point to launch cultural discussion and activities.

Each of the Alice in Paris activities includes two versions of the plot synopsis with comprehension questions – one in the present tense, and a second in the past. There are two versions of an activity page for differentiation, and a verb conjugation activity. Each activity also includes something cultural as an online activity. The activity packets are available individually or as a season bundle with all 25 episodes PLUS a printable vocabulary poster bonus.

You can check out season 2 of Alice à Paris on YouTube.

Alice in Paris season 2

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