Free question word posters in French and Spanish

Free question word posters in French and Spanish

Only a few days left before I go back to work! I thought I’d make one more quick little set of question word posters, just to justify to myself the purchase of new graphics and fonts! I made two sets with a chalkboard theme – one set in French and one in Spanish. The posters can be printed full size (16X20) if you really like your question words, or half size if you want to fit them on an 8X10 page. You can find the French posters here and the Spanish posters here.

How I use question word posters

I always have a set of question words on display in my classroom so that I can easily refer to them. As I go through an article, a short reading, a one-word image story, they are easily available for me to point as I ask questions. If you have them close to wherever you are standing, you can easily point with just your finger. But if you are a little further away (some classrooms put the words higher up, above the whiteboard or smartboard) it can be helpful to have a laser pointer. A laser pointer also allows you to move around the room more freely as you can use the pointer from any place in the classroom.

While these question word posters can easily be printed out and posted in y our classroom, you can also use them digitally in a PowerPoint or digital notebook. You could make an anchor chart of them with all of the question words in one place so students can easily refer to them.

If you’d like to find some activities to practice using question words, I have a digital game for Boom Cards™ – French – Question Words as well as a French question words digital practice game that can be played through Google slides or PowerPoint.

Question word posters in French
question word posters in Spanish

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