French adjectives to describe a person

French adjectives to describe a person

If you are teaching French adjectives to describe a person, there are a lot of authentic resources out there – and most of them can easily be used, even with beginners! One of my go-to sources for this sort of thing is dating websites. Of course, you should preview them before sharing with students, but there is a lot of great stuff out there that is entirely student appropriate.

I really like adopte un mec because it’s a fun, quirky site – you stick the guys in your shopping cart! Their site is like a typical shopping site with specials and ads each week. You do have to make an account to get access to the descriptions, but I’ve had one for a couple of years and never set up my profile, so it’s not a big deal. They do have girls on the site as well, so you can get the masculine and feminine adjectives in there!

French adjectives to describe a person

Another site is the Police Nationale’s Facebook page. They post missing persons ads that are pretty descriptive. They also tend to be very up to date with newer vocabulary than the typical hair/eyes/height that you so often see in textbooks!

French adjectives to describe a person missing person graphic

Using anchor charts to teach French adjectives

When I am teaching French adjectives to describe a person, I also share anchor charts with my students to help them come up with good descriptions. These can be very helpful when bridging the gap between reading the descriptions and writing their own. Of course, once you’ve got the vocabulary part down you also have to teach about how to use these adjectives in a sentence. For that, here are some items from the Frenchified store that may be useful to you. Some are grammar explanation and worksheet lessons, others are self-grading digital games to practice adjective agreement.

French grammar lesson – French regular adjectives

French adjectives digital vocabulary game

French digital game – adjective agreement

French digital game – irregular adjectives

French BAGS adjectives digital game

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