Francophone Africa French Comprehensible Input Lesson


Comprehensible input is important in a world languages class – but you can’t always do stories. This is a lesson that uses target structures in a comprehensible way to teach about a non-fiction topic – Francophone Africa. The text is appropriate for 2nd semester French and later.

Are you looking for a great resource to help you teach your second semester French and later students all about the French-speaking countries of Africa? Look no further than our Francophone Africa French Comprehensible Input Lesson!
This comprehensive package is designed to help you engage your class with exciting activities and hands-on teaching. It includes everything needed to make Francophone Africa an interesting and informative lesson from start to finish! The 33-slide PowerPoint provides repetition of the target vocabulary, along with accompanying text versions. Additionally, your students can practice new grammar skills with de/du/de la /d’/des exercises, comprehend what they learn with questions and answer explanations, or get creative by creating their own stories or retells using corresponding story sheets with photos. You can also take advantage of associated videos that come included in the package! All this plus a complete answer key means that you have everything you need at your disposal when teaching this important subject.
Our Francophone Africa French Comprehensible Input Lesson makes learning fun and simple for both teachers and students alike. Let us help make sure that your classroom is ready for effective instruction—get started today!



The target structures are:

  • une langue
  • un pays
  • il y a



This Francophone Africa French Comprehensible Input Lesson includes:

  • a 33-slide PowerPoint with repetition of the target vocabulary
  • a text version of the PowerPoint
  • comprehension questions
  • a grammar explanation and exercise for de/du/de la /d’/des
  • a story retell sheet with photos – one for writing, one for oral retell
  • a list of associated videos
  • a complete answer key




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Francophone Africa
Francophone Africa French Comprehensible Input Lesson