Little Prince digital stickers in French


No matter what digital platform you are using, digital stickers can make things a little more fun for students! This set of 10 digital stickers featuring French words and a Little Prince theme will be a cute addition to your digital toolbox. Just copy and paste the image onto your student pages!

Introducing Little Prince digital stickers in French! If you’re looking for an exciting way to add a little more fun to your students’ digital notebooks, these Little Prince-themed French stickers are the perfect solution. They’re incredibly easy to use and reusable – so you won’t have to worry about running out of them!
This set includes 10 high quality stickers featuring French words in a charming Little Prince theme. Simply copy and paste the image onto student pages no matter what type of platform you are using. Students will love this addition to their digital notebook and it will also help them get familiar with some basic French words. It’s a win-win!
You won’t find any other set of digital stickers quite like this one – they really stand out from the crowd. Add a little something special to your students’ digital toolbox today with Little Prince digital stickers in French!

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How to use these Little Prince digital stickers:

When you click on the link after purchasing the stickers, you’ll be asked to make a copy in your Google drive – so make sure you’re logged into your Google account.

The copy of the Google slides presentation will be added to your drive.  Open the slide, then you can  save the stickers to a Google keep page for quick use. You can also copy/paste directly from the Google slide.  If you are using OneNote, I would suggest making a new page in the teacher only section of your notebook.  Then copy/paste each graphic onto that new page. From there,  you can copy and paste the stickers onto student work.

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Little Prince digital stickers
Little Prince digital stickers in French