German Valentine’s Day digital stickers


No matter what digital platform you are using, digital stickers can make things a little more fun for students! This set of 10 digital stickers featuring German phrases and graphics with a candy heart theme will be a cute addition to your digital toolbox. Just copy and paste the image onto your student pages!

Add a little bit of German love to your classroom this Valentine’s Day with our adorable collection of German Valentine’s Day digital stickers! Whether you’re teaching face-to-face in a real classroom or virtually on an online platform, these ten high-quality stickers can easily be copy and pasted onto any page to make learning the language something special.
These digital stickers featuring different phrases such as ‘Alles Liebi’ and ‘Ich Liebe Dich’ in a classic Valentine’s Day theme are perfect for sprucing up assignments, digital notebooks, worksheets, quizzes, and more! No matter what platform you’re using, adding these colorful tokens of German affection will guarantee bring a smile to your students’ faces. Plus, with each sticker being endlessly reusable you’ll never run out of options for getting kids excited about learning the language.
Make sure everyone remembers their sweetheart this February with our authentic German Valentine’s Day digital stickers – perfect for giving lessons a personal spark!

German Valentine's Day digital stickers
German Valentine’s Day digital stickers