Cupcake daily agenda slides for Google/Powerpoint/Smartboard


This set of 10 daily agenda backgrounds will allow you to share your daily information with your students in an organized fashion! Each slide has a section for the date and three sections for information. The text is completely editable, so you can use whatever font and content you like.

Do you want to give your students an organized and visually attractive way to view their daily information? Look no further than our cupcake daily agenda slides! This set of 10 slides provides an excellent way to display the day’s objectives, announcements and assignments in a clear and accessible format.
The slides can be utilized in Google Classroom, as a PowerPoint or even as a Smartboard background so you can easily adjust for different learning environments. We’ve designed each slide with a section for the date plus three additional sections that you can label whatever you like. The text is completely editable so you can use any font or content that suits your lesson plan – simply type what information you need and present!
We know ease-of-use is essential when preparing for classes, which is why we designed these cupcake daily agenda slides with that top of mind. All of these features make them perfect for keeping lessons running on schedule while still providing visual excitement in the classroom. Get ready to streamline your agenda plans with our convenient product today!

cupcake daily agenda slides
Cupcake daily agenda slides for Google/Powerpoint/Smartboard