The French Revolution Digital Escape Game


This digital breakout is about the French Revolution. Students will learn about the Marseillaise, Marie Antoinette, the execution of Louis XIV, the Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Bastille Prison. While looking at the resources, they will collect the clues that allow them to open the lockbox with the keys to the prison cell where a loved one is being kept.

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Make learning about the French Revolution interesting with this no-prep French Revolution digital escape game.  The game includes access to a website where your students will hunt for the keys to unlock a set of locks.  Students will need to read the clues very carefully and watch videos, visit websites, and read texts to find the information they need to win the game.  Very easy to use – just send your students to the website and let them work!  Students can play individually or in teams.

Digital escape games are a fun way to start a unit, or to review at the end of a unit.  They can also be used to learn about a cultural or historical event.  This game will have your students reading carefully and paying attention to the smallest details in order to complete the challenge and unlock the locks.


This item includes:

  • Access to a website where your students can play the game
  • Complete teacher’s guide to playing the game
  • Answer key so you can help students if they get stuck!


Your students will enjoy learning without even realizing that they are learning!  The challenging game format will get them excited about finding the code to unlock each lock – and the format of the clues for each lock will have them paying close attention – there’s no way to solve the puzzles  without being 100% focused!


Topics in this game include:

  • The Marseillaise
  • Marie Antoinette
  • The execution of Louis XIV
  • The Declaration of the Rights of Man
  • The Bastille Prison.



Prep is very easy – you just need to share the website URL with your students.  You may want to test the site before you use it, just to make sure nothing is blocked by your district.  As some of the clues can be challenging to unlock, you may choose to help your students with the trickier ones.  With the teacher guide, you will have the answer key – so you can help guide students towards the correct answer by giving them hints, or if you have limited time, you can adjust the game by reducing the number of locks they need to unlock – just give them the answer(s) to help the activity fit your time constraints.

1 review for The French Revolution Digital Escape Game

  1. frenchified

    My groups of students loved this activity! It is a little confusing for them at first for two reasons: 1) this is unlike any activity they’ve done in class before! and 2) it is intentionally vague at points because that is the point! In an escape room, you are literally put in a room and have to figure it out! The teacher is there to provide guidance and hints (hints included!) if needed. Because we read about the French Revolution a little before doing the activity they could technically answer some of the clues without having to do the activity but some went straight to the information without looking at the question. additionally, I made them fill out info about each of the topics discussed so even if they knew the answer they had to read the content or watch the video. This was a great class activity and my fastest group finished in about 32 minutes, my slowest in 42. Thank you so much! – Amanda Stefanik

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French Revolution digital escape
The French Revolution Digital Escape Game
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