Mbappé is Missing French soccer digital escape game


Oh là là! With only hours to go before the big game, Mbappé has gone missing. You’ve received a note with a challenge – if you want the star player to be released in time for the game, you’ll need to solve the puzzles and crack the code!

Are you ready for a soccer challenge unlike any other? With the Mbappé is Missing French soccer digital escape game, French learners of level 2 and above can use their language skills to save the day! This digital French escape game is sure to offer an engaging learning experience – with puzzles ranging from French vocabulary for soccer terms to the history of Mbappé’s career, you’ll be sure to brush up on all your essential French knowledge. Plus, there’s a special Antoine Greizman video – watch it as you decode PSG or les Bleus? clues.
For even more support, the game comes with comprehensive instruction guides, as well as a teacher answer key – so don’t worry if you get stuck on any of the puzzles. Happily crack the mystery with no stress! Plus, you can soon boost your bragging rights – once you solve all the detective-style riddles in time for the big match and unlock the final code, Mbappé will once again compete in his much-beloved sport – and this time it’ll have been thanks to you.

The different puzzles include:
French vocabulary for soccer terms
The history of Mbappé’s career
the roste of the French national team
PSG or les Bleus?
Antoine Greizman video

The readings and video are in French, so students will need to use their skills to save Mbappé!

Includes instruction guide, link to the game and teacher answer key.

Mbappe is missing digital escape game
Mbappé is Missing French soccer digital escape game