New French Halloween game with 5 fun tasks!

French Halloween game la maison hantée

This French Halloween game was something new for me – the first digital escape game using Boom™ cards that I’ve made. I’ve made quite a few digital escape games that use Google forms to power the game, but there are limitations to how that can be done. By using Boom™ cards, the game can have a more linear play and students can also be helped with hints along the way when they get stuck.

The French Halloween game starts with a premise: the children in the neighborhood are going trick-or-treating and every house is ready to be visited – except for one. The house at the end of the street is dark and spooky, and the kids think it’s haunted. Nobody wants to visit it, but one boy is brave enough to try.

When he visits the house, he finds an old man. The old man takes him up on the offer of “trick or treat” – he chooses the trick. He challenges the boy to solve a series of puzzles. If he solves the puzzles, he’ll receive a treat. But if he is unsuccessful, he will have to help the old man around the house!

New French Halloween game with 5 fun tasks!

Activities in the French Halloween game

There are five different activities in the French Halloween game. The activities are simpler than those in the Toussaint escape game, so this is suitable for younger students, lower levels of French, or times when you don’t have enough time to do the more difficult game.

Task 1: Verb conjugation Students will need to fill in the blank with the correct present-tense verb form. The verbs are a variety of ER, IR, RE regular verbs and avoir. If they make a mistake, they will be taken to a slide with a verb chart where they can review the endings before going back to fix the errors.

New French Halloween game with 5 fun tasks!

Task 2: Reading Students will read a short description of 5 different types of French candy. They will match the description with the photo of the candy. The candies are Carambar, Pastilles, Dragées, and Chamallows and Berlingots – so there’s a bit of authentic culture!

Task 3: Reading Students will sort the different clothing items into piles for the costumes. There is a pirate, vampire, and clown stack. Students will need to read the clothing item and determine which costume it belongs to.

Task 4: Vocabulary Students are given 6 different scrambled vocabulary terms. If they get anything wrong and need help, they will be taken to a page with 10 different French Halloween terms to give them some hints.

Task 5: Listening Students will listen to three brief passages in French about the holiday of Halloween/Toussaint and how it is celebrate (or not) in France. They will answer a multiple choice question about each passage.

Once they finish the game, if they’ve completed all 5 tasks they will get to the candy screen.

New French Halloween game with 5 fun tasks!

What level is the French Halloween game for?

Students in level 1 French should be able to complete the French Halloween game, so long as they know how to use a verb chart. If they are familiar with the use of the chart, they should be able to determine the correct verb forms for task 1. You may have to give them a little bit of help though. For level 2 and up, they should be able to do the game without help.

What do I need to play the French Halloween game?

In order to assign the game to your students, you will need a Boom™ learning account. You can use either a free account or a paid account. With the free account, you’ll use the FastPlay version – you can share the URL with students or the PIN, then they will play the game without logging in. This will not save any data, so you will want students to show you their screens or take a screenshot of the final screen to prove that they have completed the game.

If you have a paid Boom™ learning account, you can assign the game to your classes. It will keep data for which activities have been completed, and you will be able to see if they have finished the game or not.

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