Emily in Paris – 7 reasons why this guilty pleasure isn’t so bad

7 reasons why Emily in Paris isn't that bad

Emily in Paris is the latest Netflix show to take viewers by storm. The romantic comedy-drama follows Emily Cooper, an American marketing executive living and working in Paris. Emily’s life is filled with chic fashion, delicious food, and plenty of cultural clashes as she navigates her new home away from home. As a French teacher and a francophile, you’d think that a show like this would appeal to the average Frenchified reader. But is there trouble in the city of lights?

Despite its glamorous setting and feel-good vibes, Emily in Paris has sparked controversy among critics who argue that it perpetuates a distorted view of France and French culture. However, there’s no need for viewers to feel guilty about watching Emily in Paris – here are seven reasons why this show can be enjoyed without regret!

7 reasons why Emily in Paris isn’t that bad

1. Emily in Paris showcases the beauty and versatility of French fashion. Well, sort of. Granted, many of the outfits worn by Emily and her colleagues are pretty wild. But there are a lot of more normally dressed people in the show and it can be fun to see outfits that are well put-together and attractive being worn by a variety of characters. The cast is diverse and it’s good to see nice clothes on a variety of body types.

2. Emily’s job as a marketing executive provides valuable insights into the world of business, international relations, and global politics. I think that the show addresses the gaps that are often seen between older, more experienced veterans of the business world and the younger generation. Emily is plugged in to social media and is always looking for a way to share things with her fans. The older generation still hasn’t quite come to terms with it. Believe me, I feel it – it’s hard for me to feel “authentic” on social media sometimes because I can’t imagine that anyone would actually care about things in everyday life. But Emily makes it look effortless!

3. Emily in Paris celebrates multiculturalism by exploring Emily’s experiences with different cultures, languages, and her relationships with locals of all backgrounds. There are so many examples of Emily running into issues because she isn’t French and simply doesn’t know the rules of society. She struggles with the language, she doesn’t understand the limits on working hours, she is uncomfortable with la bise. As she gets more accustomed to her new home, she has fewer issues navigating life.

4. The show is full of humor which can help viewers cope with the stressful times we find ourselves living in today. Sometimes you just want to watch something silly. Emily in Paris definitely isn’t high art – but it is good for some laughs and will allow you to set aside the issues you may be dealing with and just enjoy some mindless comedy.

5. Emily learns valuable lessons about resilience when faced with cultural differences that are new to her – an inspiring story for any viewer! Anyone who moves abroad will need to learn perseverance – for even the most simple things, you may need some extra patience and understanding. The French bureaucracy is well-known for being tedious and slow-moving. If you expect American-style service, you will have a bad time. Emily learns some important lessons as she figures out the system.

6. Emily in Paris shines a light on important topics such as gender roles and sexism within modern society – an important conversation we should all be having now more than ever before! The US had #MeToo, while the French had #Balancetonporc. But there is still quite a bit of sexism in both cultures. Emily has a difficult time when she realizes that sex is less of a taboo in French society – and that it’s expected for women to use their beauty and sexual wiles to get what they want. It’s an interesting question to consider – is a woman smart for using the tools she has to get something she wants, or is it demeaning?

7 .The show offers us a much-needed escape from reality into a beautiful city filled with breathtaking views, exquisite foods, and charming people who will make viewers feel like they have truly found their second home away from home! It’s Paris – what else is there to say? Even if you mute the sound and simply watch the background, being able to see Paris (and several other locations in France) is always enjoyable.

An alternative to Emily in Paris

If you still don’t want to watch Emily, you can always try Alice in Paris. It’s not really the same type of show and the episodes are very short. Alice visits different restaurants and food shops in 2-minute videos. The first season is no longer available for free in English, but you can still watch the French version. If you’re a French teacher, you might want to share these with your students – I have a set of activities for season 1 and season 2. While you might share some scenes from Emily in Paris with your students, there is a bit too much sex in it to be able to share a lot of the episodes.

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