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Whether you are using a textbook or not, a French grammar lesson can be tricky. I’ve found that most textbooks breeze through grammar and seem as if they expect students to just magically understand with the most cursory explanation. I almost never use my textbook for the actual teaching of grammar – it’s just not clear enough, and there aren’t enough practice opportunities for students. I’ve used comprehensible input to teach and that works well – until the students want to say something they haven’t yet heard in class. So even when doing CI, I still like to have a few grammar lessons for the really important things, just to make sure it is clear WHY they are doing certain things.

I’ve now completed a 10th French grammar lesson for reflexive verbs, and with that I’ve bundled all ten lessons together at a discount. Each of these grammar lessons is meant to fulfill three specific goals:

  1. Introduce the grammar point in a clear manner that students can understand
  2. Give the students practice activities that build from easy to more complex
  3. Show the students the grammar point in action in a high-interest nonfiction reading passage

Each French grammar lesson focuses on a point of French grammar that is important enough that students must master it in order to truly learn to use the language. They include a PowerPoint to allow the teacher to present the material and printable materials for students to use for notes and practice. There is a “level up” activity so that students can work systematically to practice the lesson a little bit at a time rather than having things thrown at them. And finally, there is a reading passage that should be interesting to students and uses the grammar point so they can see it in context.

The ten grammar points that I’ve addressed include some of the most common things to be taught in level 1 and level 2 French:

You can find the bundle here at the Frenchified store, or if you prefer you can shop at our TPT store.

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