Valentine’s Day digital escape games – and 6 other fun Valentine’s activities

Valentine's Day digital escape games

If you are looking for a fun activity to do for Valentine’s Day, look no further!  Your French and Spanish students will have a love/hate relationship with these Valentine’s Day digital escape games. Digital escape games are similar to real-life escape games, only the solutions to the clues are all found online.  They are challenging but fun – my students always get a little frustrated at first because they really have to work at solving the puzzles, but once they get a few of the puzzles solved they really enjoy working together to get them all.  They are entirely online, so no prep for the teacher – just give the students the link and let them play! 

Valentine's Day digital escape games - and 6 other fun Valentine's activities

What’s included in the Valentine’s Day digital escape games?

The teacher’s guide does have all of the answers, so if your students get stuck you can always help them out with a hint or a nudge in the right direction. I update the games each year, since some of the websites used do change their offerings.  So if you play this game annually, make sure to download the updated version or you won’t have the current correct answers!  I will be updating it the week before Valentine’s Day to make sure that the information is current when you play the game. Also, I have multiple copies of the game website set up – if everyone uses different links to play the game, it won’t get overloaded and crash the site. 

Troubleshooting the Valentine’s Day digital escape games

If you do run into errors, please try one of the other links as it is likely that many teachers are using the same link at the same time when that happens.  This generally happens on February 14, since so many people want to play the game that day.  To be 100% certain that you’ll be able to play the game, if you contact me 2-3 days in advance, I am happy to set up a private copy of the game for just you and your students to use! The Valentine’s Day digital escape games are available in both French and Spanish. You can also get them through my TPT store:  French and Spanish.

Valentine's Day digital escape games