French Valentine’s Day short story


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching – but so many weird things have been happening on campus lately that Marc and Lola are starting to get worried. Find out what is causing the weirdness in this 4-page story for intermediate/advanced French learners.

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This special French Valentine’s Day short story is the perfect fit for any intermediate or advanced French classroom. Just in time for the holiday, it’s great way to keep students engaged and learning essential language skills and cultural context.

The 4-page short story features Marc and Lola – two students at a university who are beginning to get worried about some strange occurrences on campus. What could be causing this weirdness? You’ll have to read on to find out! The narrative structure utilizes both the passé composé and imparfait, making it an excellent opportunity for 2nd year French instructors to review grammar with their learners. But don’t worry – 3rd year and later can tackle the material independently as well.

Start your class off with a fun interactive activity by having your students practice their French language skills in the beloved setting of a Valentine’s day themed drama. With this resource you won’t only be promoting fluency and comprehension, but cultural cross-referencing too! So why not add a fun, special twist to your lessons with our French Valentine’s Day short story?


This item includes:

  • 4 page story in French with glossary of new vocabulary
  • 8 comprehension questions – English and French versions
  • illustrate the story activity
  • find the main details activity
  • answer key
  • infographic about the language of flowers
  • resources to videos about Valentine’s day in France and the language of flowers

French Valentine's day short story
French Valentine’s Day short story
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