Two new Digital escape games

Two new Digital escape games

I’ve been busy working on lots of new things during my winter break. It’s kind of nice to have some time off to work on things I’ve been keeping in the back of my mind. The last day before break, I took my classes to the language lab and we did the Joyeux Noel breakout (freebie – here). It was the first of many digital escape games that they would eventually play. At first some of them were really confused, but once they got the hang of it they got really invested in finding the answers. I had students who never talked to each other before working closely as teammates.

It was definitely a love/hate thing – I had several students tell me they loved the activity but they hated me for making them think – and WANT to think so much – on the last day before break! Anyway, I’ve made a couple of new French-themed Escape room games: one for Paris and one for France.

These can be used with students who barely speak French – or those who are quite advanced. For the English version, clicking on the items will take them automatically to the English version of the sites. For the French version, you can insist that they use the French version of the site when available. Some of the sites are official websites for the monuments, so they will have a French version.

Where to find the digital escape games

You can find the new digital escape games in the TPT store here: Paris Escape GameFrance Escape Game

If you’d like to see more digital escape games, you can check out the category on the Frenchified store or the TPT store. I’ve since added many new digital escape games for a variety of topics – world history, US history, Spanish, current events, and of course French! They are so much fun to play and a challenging way to review or get a preview of information for a topic.

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