Mardi Gras digital escape game – and 5 other fun Mardi Gras ideas

mardi gras digital escape game

Mardi Gras is coming up on February 13 and I’ve made a digital escape game for it. In this Mardi Gras digital escape game, students will learn about Krewes, throws, the King’s Cake, the Cajuns and how the date is calculated. It takes about an hour to do and is a lot of fun. The kids really enjoy doing these, even though they are a bit challenging. We did a Christmas one in December and it was a perfect way to spend one of those days when the kids are sick of reviewing for finals, but you don’t want to blow off an entire class period doing something pointless.

Mardi Gras digital escape game - and 5 other fun Mardi Gras ideas

How to play the Mardi Gras digital escape game

If you’ve never played a digital escape game, you are in for a treat! You simply share the URL to the game with your students and then they will work their way through the game. This digital escape game uses the skill of reading very, very carefully – the hints that tell them what they are looking for can be tricky! Each clue leads to a different sort of activity – a reading text, or video or chart. Once students think they’ve figured out the correct code to unlock the lock, they will try the code on the form. If it works – they’ve unlocked one of the locks! If not, they’ll need to work a little bit more.

This Mardi Gras digital escape game is not only no-prep for you, it can also be adjusted for differentiation! If you don’t have enough class time to finish all of the clues, you can give your students one or more of the codes and have them only look for some of the codes. If you have some students who are a little slower, you can give them hints as to what they’re looking for. It’s easily adjustable since you have the teacher’s guide with answer key.

Note: Be sure to download a new copy of the Mardi Gras digital escape game each year, as the dates and codes to unlock the locks will change.

Mardi Gras digital breakout game

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