Mardi Gras agenda slides for Google/Powerpoint/Smartboard


This set of 5 daily agenda backgrounds will allow you to share your daily information with your students in an organized fashion! Each slide has a section for the date and three sections for information. The text is completely editable, so you can use whatever font and content you like.

Introducing Mardi Gras agenda slides – the perfect way to bring a little bit of Mardi Gras cheer into your classroom. Whether you’re looking to add some fun to your French lessons or just let your students take part in the celebrations – these editable slides will give any lesson a festive twist.
This set includes 5 templates that have been carefully designed to keep your class organized, no matter what subject you are teaching. Each slide is decorated with traditional Mardi Gras designs like beads and masks and has an editable date section as well as three different sections for agenda, announcements, homework and objectives. The text is completely customizable so that you can change the content, font, size and color of your text at any time.
These helpful slides serve as a great reminder for important information about each lesson, meaning it’s easy to stay organized even in a distracting Mardi Gras atmosphere! So why not make every day feel like Carnival by adding these wonderful Mardi Gras agenda slides onto your Google/Powerpoint/Smartboard?

Mardi Gras agenda slides
Mardi Gras agenda slides for Google/Powerpoint/Smartboard