Le MOF French reading activity


It takes a lot of hard work and time to become a MOF – one of the best workers in France. The competition determines who is worthy of the medal and the title as the best in their field – an award that is given out by the President of France and held in highest esteem!


Introducing Le MOF French reading activity- an excellent opportunity for your child to explore the cultural and professional excellence of France. The Meilleur Ouvriers de France competition is held in the highest esteem by the President of France, and is sought after by many professionals wishing for the medal and title of being one of the best in their field. It isn’t easy—it takes intense dedication and hard work to earn this award!
Help your kids cultivate their knowledge of French culture with our interactive two-page reading exercise. Our questions come with both French and English translations so that they can understand better, plus an answer key with suggested additional links if they’re interested in learning more. And if you or your kids are watching Kings of Pastry, this fun activity ties it all together nicely!
Encourage a life-long love and appreciation of language, culture, and excellence with Le MOF French reading activity.


MOF French reading
Le MOF French reading activity