Le Basketball French reading activity


This basketball French reading printable unit will give your students the chance to learn about the sport of basketball, entirely in French!

This printable Basketball French reading activity unit will give your students the chance to learn about the sport of basketball, entirely in French! It is 51 pages and has the following sections:

14 pages of intermediate-level reading about the topics of the sport, including:

The invention of the sport (basic info)
Wheelchair basketball
An international sport
The championship
the best players of yesterday and today
Francophone players
The WNBA and its players
16 pages of full-color 8.5×11 printable vocabulary posters with photos. All of the words your students would need to know to talk about the sport!
10 pages of printable writing and comprehension activities. Writing activities include prompts for several levels (present tense, past tense, conditional tense).
True and false activity, design and describe a jersey activity, and even some numbers and math practice activities – one with smaller numbers and one with much larger numbers so you can use it for different levels.

Thank you for making these cultural readings! I offer my upper-level independent study students a “menu” of topics for their reading assignments so they can choose topics they are interested in, and I was really needing some sports-themed ones for my collection. My students have remarked that they like the format of your selections, and I appreciate the ease of use!

Rachel Beckett / TPT customer

Bought this end of school year when my Intermediates were losing interest in Core French. It immediately got and kept their interest for the last few weeks of school. Merci for this unit!

Core FrenchS.T / TPT customer

Thank you for sharing this unit! All of my students love basketball and this unit finally got some of my “I hate French!” student’s engaged and interested.

La Pauvre Prof / TPT customer

Basketball French reading
Le Basketball French reading activity