Joan of Arc French Comprehensible Inuput lesson


Comprehensible input is important in a world languages class – but you can’t always do stories. This is a lesson that uses target structures in a comprehensible way to teach about a non-fiction topic – French high schools and the names of various classes students might take. The text is simple enough for first semester French.

Are you looking for an engaging, helpful French activity to make reading understandable and interesting to your students? Look no further than the Joan of Arc Comprehensible Input lesson! This dynamic lesson is designed to teach students all about the famous heroine while also presenting them with a variety of materials that will help them exercise their language skills. Whether you’re looking for an authoritative PowerPoint presentation on the life of Joan of Arc, comprehension questions to test student understanding, a grammar explanation and exercises centered around devoir, or even videos related to this infamous figure – this lesson has it all! Plus, every purchase includes story retell sheets complete with photos – one for writing and one for oral retelling. With the complete answer key you receive with this product, it has never been easier to spark excitement in your French classes. Make learning come alive today with the Joan of Arc French Comprehensible Input lesson!



The target structures are:

  • doit
  • a ____ ans
  • la voix dit



This item includes:

  • A 38-slide PowerPoint with repetition of the target vocabulary
  • a text version of the PowerPoint
  • comprehension questions
  • a grammar explanation and exercises for the verb devoir
  • a story retell sheet with photos – one for writing, one for oral retell
  • a list of associated videos
  • a complete answer key




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Joan of Arc French CI lesson
Joan of Arc French Comprehensible Inuput lesson