5 French YouTubers your students (and you) will love

French Youtubers

Why should you – and your students – watch French YouTubers? When learning a language, YouTube is a great place to improve your language skills! I sometimes assign as homework the task of watching a French YouTuber and sharing information about the video they watched. This year, I plan to share video reviews among the students in the hopes that they can find someone they enjoy enough to continue watching even when it’s not a homework assignment! YouTube is a great source of compelling and entertaining content, so even your most reluctant students might find that they are willing to watch a short YouTube video.

Here are some French YouTubers you might find interesting. Note that these are all native French speakers with a native French-speaking target audience. Your students will likely need to use subtitles on these unless they are more advanced.

Les Parodie Bros – comedy French YouTubers

Les Parodie Bros is a duo of French YouTubers who make silly videos about different things your students probably have experienced or will experience when your report card arrives, when your grandmother visits you, when you are playing video games. They are humorous and silly but because they are fairly close to the age of high school students, their stories are completely relatable. These videos are great for making comparisons across cultures.

C’est pas Sorcier – science French YouTubers

C’est pas Sorcier is a full-length television show, but they have both longer and shorter videos on their YouTube channel. You can learn things such as “where did the rings of Saturn come from? and “why isn’t Pluto a planet anymore?” on this channel. They have a nicely curated set of playlists organized by topic, so if your students have a preference for a certain type of science, they should be able to find something interesting and enjoyable.


Fast Good Cuisine is a French YouTuber who writes about – what else? – food. He travels around the world to try different things, but he also tests a lot of TikTok food hacks. He has a series of videos where he visits McDonald’s in different countries and tries different things. Sometimes he has a guest who does taste tests of a variety of foods. When we do our food unit, my students love watching the videos of him trying American foods and Americans trying French foods.

Golden Moustache – comedy French YouTubers

Golden Moustache is a comedy channel. You will want to view videos before sending your students to watch them because some of them have adult themes. But there are some really funny skits and novelty songs, some of them making fun of current pop stars. There are quite a few cultural references to see in these videos, so you might find that some of them are great as a base for a lesson plan.

Info ou Mytho?

Info ou Mytho is the new version of 1 Jour, 1 Question. It is geared towards teens and answers questions about a variety of topics. The videos are fairly short and should be of high interest to your students. They include videos about scams fand fakes, the quirks of the human brain, and investigations of myths.

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