French Object Pronouns – Le Voyage is finally done!

French Object Pronouns - Le Voyage is finally done!

Have you had trouble finding a way to teach French object pronouns? Great news – after months of work, unit 6 for level 2 French is finally done! Seriously, I started working on this back in October and then just got sidetracked with other things but now that school is out for the summer I told myself that I would finish this project by the end of May. And here it is June 1, and the newest unit has been uploaded.

Vocabulary theme of the unit – travel

The theme of unit 6 is travel. This means learning words for buying airplane tickets, checking in at the airport, taking a flight, going through customs and immigration, etc. It also includes words to describe a hotel and making reservations. Finally, there are some things related to tourist activities and buying souvenirs.

French Object Pronouns - Le Voyage is finally done!

Grammar theme – French object pronouns

I have received multiple requests to please find a way to use French object pronouns in a unit, and here they are. You will find both direct object pronouns and indirect object pronouns being used in context. There are written activities to practice replacing words with pronouns as well as a speaking activity talking about what souvenirs you might purchase for a variety of people.

What is included in the unit?

As always, the unit includes everything you need. You will find daily lesson plans, bell work, unit assessments, activities/games for students to play, and a unit story. The unit story is about a family that takes a vacation and books a cheap hotel only to find out that the guests at the hotel aren’t exactly what they expected. The unit story includes a printable copy for reading, cloze activities, a retell activity, comprehension questions and an mp4 animated video with captions. Students will have PLENTY of chances to learn the story while practicing the vocabulary and grammar objectives of the unit, including French object pronouns.

French Object Pronouns - Le Voyage is finally done!

What’s next for these French comprehensible input units?

Ideally, I’d like to have eight units for level two, to match the number in level one. The biggest obstacle to this is that there is a much wider variety of topics in level two programs than in level one. No matter what textbook series or curriculum you use, level one topics and vocabulary tend to be all the same. But level two is all over the place. I addressed most of the “low-lying fruit” in the first four units and I’m not really sure what I should put in the final two units – either vocabulary or grammar.

I’m thinking that maybe I should do the future tense and technology for one unit and maybe the conditional tense in the final unit, but I’m not sure that very many teachers are doing that in level two courses. So, if you have any suggestions, I’m all ears! These units take quite a bit of time to put together, but once I have a theme and general idea of where I’m going with the unit, it feels like a huge step forward.

Check out level 2 unit 6: Le Voyage here

Take a look at the unit by clicking on the image below. If you prefer to shop at the TPT store, click here. If you haven’t yet seen the other units in this series, here’s a link to level 1 unit 1. All of the units build on the previous units, and you can see a list of vocabulary and topics for each unit here.

French object pronouns unit

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