New French non-fiction readings

New French non-fiction readings

I’ve added quite a bit of new French non-fiction reading for intermediate/advanced learners, some virtual field trip activities and a set of digital games to accompany a certain popular textbook.  I’ll go over a few of the non-fiction things here and talk about the other things later.  All of these French non-fiction readings are available in both printable pdf and Google™ drive versions – click on the link after each description.

Historical French non-fiction reading topics

The Man in the Iron Mask – Yes, we all know the story about the mysterious man and I love the movie – it’s one of my favorites!  But who was he?  Was it really an iron mask?  Why couldn’t anyone know who he was? There are several theories and this reading goes over what we know about him.  Print and Google™ versions.

Queen Brunehaut – A medieval queen who had a CRAZY life story.  She was powerful, until she wasn’t.  She broke through the glass ceiling, but most people have never heard of her.  Print and Google™ versions.

The Man who Sold the Eiffel Tower – this one is crazy!  A man who came from humble beginnings was somehow able to con people into “buying” the Eiffel Tower – even though it wasn’t for sale!  Learn about “Count” Victor Lustig and his career of scamming.  Print and Google™ versions.

The Knights Templar – Today they are remembered as the romantic heroes of the crusades, but what are the origins of the order?  This reading is about their purpose and rise to power, followed by the dissolution of the order.  Print and Google™ versions.

Modern French non-fiction reading topics

The Millau Viaduct – this raised bridge solved a major traffic issue in the town of Millau.  It posed some serious challenges to builders and new methods of construction were invented in order to build this amazing structure. Print and Google™ versions. So….happy reading and I hope the rest of your summer vacation is restful and enjoyable, no matter how much longer it may be.

The French Government – Do you want your students to know how the French government is structured?  This reading goes over the different branches and what their roles are.  While there are many similarities with the American system, there are some pretty big differences as well.  This is good information as we come up to the French presidential elections.  Print and Google™ versions.

This is a nice variety of French non-fiction reading activities – I hope your students enjoy them as much as I enjoyed researching and writing them.

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