4 Useful French Halloween activities – and more!

4 Useful French Halloween activities - and more!

While Halloween isn’t really a thing in France, that doesn’t stop me from doing some fun French Halloween activities. With the 100th anniversary of the end of World War 1, el Dia de los Muertos and la Toussaint, Halloween and fall in general – there are so many interesting things to talk about in class right now! I’ve also been busy working on things to help my students deal with the passé composé, so I’ve been pretty busy.

I’ve made three new escape games for these things, plus there are a few existing items that I have in the store that might come in handy. The second quarter always goes so quickly, but there is so much to do during this time of year. There are some pretty heavy topics in October and November, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make them enjoyable to learn about.

French Halloween activities

New Digital escape games:

World War 1 – a digital breakout game for social studies/history classes

El Dia de los Muertos – a digital breakout game for Spanish class

la Toussaint – a NEW digital breakout game to teach about the traditions of la Toussaint in France, plus some spooky ghost stories from French history. In English so even the beginners can have fun.

French Halloween Activities

These activities are specifically geared towards the season and the holiday of Halloween/La Toussaint.

La Toussaint digital escape game – A spooky escape game that will have students learning about ghosts, the catacombs, and how La Toussaint is celebrated in France. This is one of my most popular French Halloween activities! It’s a challenging game that will have students working together to solve all of the clues. Be sure to download a fresh copy of the PDF file each year since the clues and answers can change.

The Zombies are Attacking!French and Spanish – a fun story about zombies attacking a high school. While most of the teachers and students are panicking, one science teacher stays calm and looks for a way to stop the zombies. This story focuses on the past tense and will give students a chance to compare the passé composé/preterite and the imparfait/imperfecto.

Frankie the VampireFrench and Spanish Frankie is a vampire who is scared of the dark. This leads to all sorts of trouble since he can’t go out in the sun and he’s getting hungry! He needs help getting over his problem, so he goes to visit a local psychic. There are two versions of the story – one in the present tense and one in the past tense.

French Halloween vocabulary game – a simple, no-prep self-grading game that will have your students choosing the correct translation of the French vocabulary word. As they get the correct answers, they will move along the path – but an incorrect answer will send them back to the beginning of the section! It has three different versions: a pdf, a PowerPoint, and a Google slides version. You can share the file with your students to play individually or play together as a class on a smartboard.

And finally, here are a couple of escape games that are popular this time of year with many students learning the passé composé, the imparfait, and when to use each one. They aren’t French Halloween activities, but they are some of the best-sellers for this time of the year. I know that my students are starting to work on the passé composé in second year and the third year students are doing a thorough review of the differences in use of the imparfait and passé composé.

Passé Composé and imparfaitPerdu au Louvre – digital escape game

Passé ComposéPrisonnier à la Bastille – digital escape game

I hope these French Halloween activities are useful to you and you will find some inspiration for celebrating the holiday with your students!

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