The French er verb conjugation song

The French er verb conjugation song

If your students are like mine, they have trouble learning to conjugate verbs. Of course, it’s not that difficult once you get the hang of it – but the first conjugations they encounter can be tricky! Even once they learn the endings, that doesn’t always translate to them knowing which ending to use in real communication situations.

So I came up with a catchy little song to the tune of “If you’re happy and you know it.” They sing along to it – or at the very least clap to it – and most of them get the endings stuck in their heads that way – and before you know it, they’ve learned the concept of French er verb conjugation. I’m sharing the lyrics here, but you can also get a free pdf that you can print and share with your students here.

How to sing the French er verb conjugation song

The lyrics are: If I do something, add an E (clap, clap) If you do something, add E-S (clap, clap) If it’s he or it’s she, then you simply add an E, If you learn this little song, You’ll pass your test (clap, clap) If we do something, O-N-S (clap, clap) If you all do something, add E-Z (clap, clap) If it’s they, add E-N-T, But you add it silently If you learn this little song You’ll pass your test (clap, clap)

If you need a little more to help with teaching French er verb conjugation, I have several things that can be useful. Whether it’s a lesson plan with activities or practice activity games, Frenchified can help you with this important concept. The focused grammar lesson includes a PowerPoint, student notes and practice activities. The digital practice game has students selecting the correct form of each verb. The Hidden pictures game will have students conjugating different verbs and will see an image when they have the correct answer.

French ER verb conjugation digital game screenshot
The French er verb conjugation song
French ER verb conjugation hidden pictures game screenshot

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