French readings about women – 13 amazing women

French readings about women - 13 amazing women

This is a new bundle, made up of French readings about 13 amazing women who have made a difference in history. It includes 13 women’s biographies.  It includes a wide variety of historical eras, fields, and nationalities.  I think my favorite is Marie Curie, who was able to accomplish so much in an era when women weren’t supposed to work outside of the home, much less win the Nobel prize! The bundle is 68 pages in total.  Each reading has questions in English and French, additional resources and an answer key.  Some of them also have infographics to help explain the historical era.

How did I choose who to include in this bundle of French readings about amazing women? I chose women who accomplished important things, sometimes with great resistance and personal cost.

Who are these amazing women?

Josephine Baker left the United States due to racism and discrimination and made her life in France, later becoming a hero of World War 2.

Andrée Peel and Nancy Wake are also heroines from the war, serving France even though it was very dangerous for them and almost cost them their lives.

Marie Curie was not allowed to attend university in her native country due to being a woman and eventually became not only the first woman to teach at the Sorbonne university in Paris, but she was also the first woman to win the Nobel prize – and then she did it a second time!

Joan of Arc faced armies in order to unify France and put Charles on the throne, only to later be betrayed.

Grace Kelly and Marie Antoinette may have had easier lives than the other women in this bundle, but they still faced difficulties that they had to deal with.

If you’re into women getting revenge, you’ll love reading about Jeanne de Clisson and Queen Brunehaut. They are amazing women who fought for what they wanted against all who would oppose them.

13 amazing women

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