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Le Tour de France

After 21 days of racing, today is the last stage of the Tour.  As always, the tour will end on the Champs-Elysées.  It is starting in the city of Sèvres, and will run for 109.5 km total.  At the end of the stage, there are 10 laps around the Arc de Triomphe.

In Tour etiquette, attacks are not done on this final stage.  So the person who is in the lead after stage 20 is generally going to be the leader.  It has happened in the past that this etiquette was ignored (in 1989, Greg LeMond attacked on the final stage and came from behind to beat Larent Fignon). There will be breakaways from time to time, but these are more to show off the team colors rather than to change the overall standings.  At the beginning of the stage, riders drink champagne and celebrate making it this far.  If a rider has done something particularly impressive during the race – perhaps setting a new record – he will be given the honor of entering the Champs-Elysées first.

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France vs. Quebec

The French language can sound quite different depending upon location. In Quebec, the accent is different and some of the vocabulary as well. It’s sort of like British English vs. American English – we can generally understand each other, but there are some words that may cause confusion. Topito has a series of 23 illustrations showing the difference between France and Quebec. You can see the entire series here, but here are a couple to get you... read more


Are you a fana of Sharknado? Not only is it a thing in the US, even the French have gotten into the camp. From an article in Le Monde:   Après ce premier volet qui voyait Los Angeles inondée par une remontée poissonneuse prête à en découdre, causée par une tornade (d’où le titre, contraction de « shark » – « requin » – et de « tornado » – « tornade »), la rumeur a fini par inonder à son tour les réseaux sociaux qui ont vite fait de Sharknado le film le plus commenté sur Twitter (5 000 tweets par minute lors du premier volet). So what would be the best translation of “Sharknado” in French? I’d go with requinade. You can read the rest of the article... read more

Paris Plages

Each summer, Paris turns the banks of the Seine into a beach. You can sit and relax with a beach holiday even if you can’t get away from the city! You can read more about the annual beach vacation... read more

Les sports en France

Everyone knows the French love soccer, tennis, and bike racing. But there are a many sports played in France and the most popular ones in each region can vary widely. Here’s a map to show you what sports are played in each part of France. It’s interesting to see the different areas where people are participating in various sports – le football is popular everywhere, but le basket is particularly popular in quite a few... read more

Mardi gras!

by Column Five Media. Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community –... read more