Versailles French reading activity


Versailles began as a simple hunting lodge, but became the symbol for power and extravagance. Learn the history of this palace and its role in consolidating the power of the king.

A 2 page reading for intermediate and advanced French students. Includes a multiple choice short answer worksheet in English with answer key as well as related resources.

Are you helping your students learn all about the Palace of Versailles? With this Versailles French Reading Comprehension Activity Bundle, you can make learning about this iconic country palace fun!
This bundle provides a brief but comprehensive two-page reading in French on the history of Versailles and its role in consolidating the power of the king. There are also nine comprehension questions each in both English and French to check student understanding. An answer key is included for easy reference and there are also resources with links to videos and website for further research.
Help your students to appreciate history with this engaging activity that makes learning about Versailles fun, memorable, and informative. This activity will also help build their reading comprehension skills which is a great way to boost their language proficiency too! Get your class started with this helpful Versailles French reading comprehension activity bundle today!


The print version includes:

  • 2-page reading in French about Versailles
  • 9 comprehension questions in English
  • 9 comprehension questions in French
  • Answer key
  • Resources page with links to videos and website


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Versailles French reading
Versailles French reading activity