Russian bundle 3 Comprehensible Input Lessons

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Original price was: $4.50.Current price is: $3.60.
Original price was: $4.50.Current price is: $3.60.

This Russian bundle 3 includes four simple, comprehensible input Russian lesson plans and stories.Each story has a lot of repetition of the target structures along with activities for students to practice the vocabulary. There is also an animated doodle video to accompany each story – so you can tell the story, pause between scenes to ask questions and add details, or just watch the story all the way through for extra practice.

Each item in Russian bundle 3 includes:

  • one mp4 file of the story with text
  • one mp4 file of the story without text
  • printable pdf story
  • comprehension question worksheet
  • “who said it?” worksheet
  • story retell worksheet
  • answer key


With many people doing distance learning these days, you might wonder if it is possible to use this story in this way. The answer is YES! Here are some suggestions on how you can make this work:


– Use the pdf of the story as reading practice. You might have students read it before or after you use the video.

– Use Zoom meeting (or whatever software of your choice) to tell the story with the video. Share your screen with the mp4 file. There is no sound for the video, this is done purposely so that you can use the story for storyasking. Tell the story a little at a time, pausing the video frequently to ask questions. This will help you to circle the vocabulary and structures. Add details! If the sentence says “there is a monster under the bed” – ask questions such as “is there a monster or a dog? Is the monster under or on the bed? What kind of a monster is it – big or little? Scary or nice? What is his name? Is there a monster under your bed? What kind of a monster is under YOUR bed?”

– Once you have done the storyasking part of the task, now it is time for the students to do the comprehension and retell. These are pdf files that you can send to the students. You can also share the link to the page with the mp4 stories, so the students can watch the video on their own – with or without the text – and practice retelling.

– Finally, you can have students do the retell. This can be done through Zoom, or you could have them use Flipgrid to record.


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Russian bundle 3
Russian bundle 3 Comprehensible Input Lessons
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