French Vocabulary Interactive notebook


This set of printables includes a variety of foldables for your interactive notebooks.

Introducing our French Vocabulary Interactive Notebook. Make learning French easier and more engaging than ever before with this fun notebook! It comes with ready-to-use pages that you can copy, cut out, and glue into your notebook. With these foldables, you can learn some of the most common basic French vocabulary taught in the first year of French.
Our interactive notebook is perfect for both classroom and personal use. Teachers can keep their lessons organized, while students can make new words “come alive” through visuals and hands-on activities. It’s a great way to brainstrom about each vocabulary word or phrase and have a reference guide right on hand when needed.
The best part? This interactive notebook has already been done for you—no need to plan and design your own activities! We’ve thought through them all so you can focus on what matters most—learning the language!
Overall, our French Vocabulary Interactive Notebook is a helpful product that will definitely make learning (and remembering!) new French words much simpler. Get your own today!
  • question words
  • ça va? and responses
  • numbers 0-10
  • numbers 11-20
  • tu vs. vous
  • subject pronouns
  • weather
  • colors
  • days of the week
  • seasons/months of the year
  • food (back side blank so you can have students fill them in)
  • family members (includes blanks for students to add their own)
  • clothing (back side blank so you can have students fill them in)

French Vocabulary Interactive notebook
French Vocabulary Interactive notebook