Le chat qui Pète | The Farting Cat French short story


The adventures of Bruno, a cat with a digestive problem. Bruno sneaks his way into school with Marlène and causes all sorts of embarrassment for her! Limited French vocabulary – good for 2nd year French students, or 1st year students towards the end of the year. Includes vocabulary flashcards, story, grammar worksheet on verbs with accent mark changes, comprehension questions, and a blank story sheet for students to write their own story.

Looking for an engaging French reading comprehension activity? Look no further than The Farting Cat French Short Story! Perfect for beginning and intermediate French students, this story is sure to be a hit with your young learners.
This unique tale follows Marlene; a girl whose fun-loving but gaseous cat, Bruno, she can’t seem to leave alone. As Marlene goes about her day at school, Bruno causes his fair share of disruption with his not-so-silent bodily functions. This hilariously endearing story is guaranteed to bring laughs and keep your students engaged.
In addition to its entertainment value, The Farting Cat French short story can help teachers teach their students about creating dialogue effectively in French, as well as strengthening their vocabulary and applying grammar concepts like adjectives and adverbs in context. This beginner-friendly exercise can efficiently impart essential language skills while providing an enjoyable learning experience.
So why not make the most out of class time by letting writing come alive with The Farting Cat? It’s sure to add that extra something special to any lesson plan!


It includes:

  • a printable short story in French
  • vocabulary flashcards
  • grammar worksheet about verbs with accent mark changes
  • comprehension questions
  • a blank story sheet so students can write their own story

Le chat qui Pète | The Farting Cat French short story