Activities for Duolingo French Podcast Episode 76: Le Pouvoir des réseaux sociaux


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These Activities to accompany French Duolingo Podcast Episode 76: Le pouvoir des réseaux sociaux will help your students with their listening comprehension skills while also entertaining them.


Each podcast is in both English and French – so even novice-high students can enjoy the stories. The podcasts are approximately 24 minutes long and are available for free on the Duolingo podcast site. This set of activities it meant to accompany episode 76, which is the story of a woman who organized the first day care for parents attending the Cannes film festival.


The Duolingo podcast episode 76 activities include both pre- and post-listening activities. To prepare your students to listen to the podcast, you will find:


  • vocabulary list
  • vocabulary matching activity
  • links to vocabulary set on Gimkit, Blooket and Quizlet so students can practice
  • a crossword puzzle to practice the vocabulary


During the podcast, students can take notes on the sheet provided in the activity if you wish them to do so.


After listening, students can do the comprehension questions. There is a set of 10 questions, in both English and French to check for understanding. There is also a page with 10 true and false questions and 10 fill in the blank questions.


If you would like the students to read the complete transcript of the podcast, you will find it on the Duolingo Podcast site. Please note that I am not affiliated with Duolingo and these activities do not contain the transcript or podcast – but they do contain the link to the site where you can legally find both.


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Duolingo podcast episode 76
Activities for Duolingo French Podcast Episode 76: Le Pouvoir des réseaux sociaux
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