Les Aventures du Père Fouettard French short story


Père Fouettard is tired of always being the bad guy. So this year he makes a deal – HE will be delivering the presents and getting to be part of the joy of the season! What could possibly go wrong? Find out in this 5-page story with questions and activities.


Give your students a fun and educational way to get into the holiday spirit when you introduce them to Les Aventures du Père Fouettard French short story. Perfect for novice-high/intermediate-low students with teacher guidance, it is also suitable for those at a higher level to work independently. This entertaining activity introduces them to French culture as well as teaching all about the passé composé and imparfait via its amusing tale.
A tired Père Fouettard is fed up of always being the bad guy, so this Christmas season he makes an agreement – HE will deliver the presents and HE will be part of the joyous atmosphere! Of course, this leads to some tense situations as kids don’t trust him on first sight and there’s confusion over how exactly the presents will be given. With your help, finding out what happens in this delightful story can teach invaluable lessons about faith and trust.
Les Aventures du Père Fouettard is perfect for budding linguists of all capabilities, providing a captivating approach that enriches cultural knowledge while boosting French language proficiency. What’s more, as it comes with handy teacher guidance, it is sure to make lesson planning much easier during the holidays. Introduce these exciting adventures to your class today!

This Aventures du Père Fouettard item includes:

  • 5 page story with glossary of less-frequent words
  • Comprehension questions in English
  • Comprehension questions in French
  • Illustrate the story activity
  • Who/what/where/when/why/how activity
  • Answer Key
  • infographic about Christmas in France
  • resources for learning more about the holiday


What other teachers have said about this short story and French reading comprehension activity:

“This resource adds a specific flavor and cultural experience to the normal holiday information. My kids loved learning about this side of the Christmas tradition.”

“One of my favorites. Students enjoyed this so much. Looking forward to using again next year. Merci!”

“Thank you for this reading activity with follow up worksheets. It allowed an opportunity to discuss cultural elements as well as a holiday reading.”

Good resource if you are looking to teach about a different side of the holiday. Students who have never heard of this, were very interested.

Caitlin B. / TPT customer

I love that you provided a present and past tense question sheet to follow the reading! Thanks for this resource. My students will love this!

The Compelling Language Corner / TPT Customer

Wonderful resource! Very informative and useful with my advanced students. Merci!

Tara T. / TPT customer

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Les aventures du Père Fouettard French short story
Les Aventures du Père Fouettard French short story