French Thanksgiving writing prompts


French Thanksgiving Writing Prompts – four different prompts for different levels of French.

Looking for an engaging way to teach your students about French Thanksgiving? Our set of French Thanksgiving Writing Prompts are here to help! It’s the perfect resource for all levels of learners, from level 1-4.
At level 1, your students can write about the delicious food they eat and the activities they do in celebration. Level 2 encourages them to think deeper and explore what things they’re thankful for. This activity creates a wonderful opportunity for reflection, making it a great resource for teaching gratitude.
For more advanced levels, your students will be inspired to stretch their imaginations: what would they do if they were a turkey? Who would they invite as a guest to dinner? What kind of conversations topics would they bring up? This creative activity allows your students to really consider the holiday at hand while using their imagination.
A visually engaging pdf format makes the experience even better, with graphics included to make the writing process even more enjoyable. And don’t forget about all the space to write! Help talking about French Thanksgiving has never been easier – download our French Thanksgiving Writing Prompts today!”

French Thanksgiving writing prompts
French Thanksgiving writing prompts