French invitations lesson- Boom™ Cards


This set of digital task cards practices French invitations – making and responding to invitations and making excuses.

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This set of digital task cards practices French invitations, responding to invitations and making excuses. The deck includes explanations and examples as well as practice activities. The cards are (mostly)self-grading, and students can play through the cards as many times as desired.  The cards have audio so students can get some listening practice.


Cards 2-5: Three different ways to make an invitation

Cards 6-13: Listen to the invitation – where are you being invited? (multiple choice)

Card 14: Ways to accept or refuse an invitation

Cards 15-19: Listen to the conversation – was the invitation accepted or rejected (multiple choice)

Card 20: How to make excuses

Card 21 – Fill in the blanks with the missing words from the conversation

Cards 22-24: Listen to the conversation and answer the comprehension questions (multiple choice)

Cards 25-26: Fill in your part of the conversation – accepting or rejecting the invitation and making excuses (open response – not self-grading)


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French invitations Boom cards
French invitations lesson- Boom™ Cards
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